APAC Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit

APAC Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit

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You have a positive test with one of our saliva testing devices, what do you do now?

You need to have samples tested by a NATA accredited AS 4760:2019 Laboratory before you can act on your discovery.

The APAC Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit is used to send non-negative/presumptive positive saliva samples to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation analysis.

The kit meets the Australian Standard AS 4760:2019 and:

  • Contains two Quantisal collection kits, including collection pads and vials with buffer solution. The two collection pads goes into the mouth on either side of the cheek and are left until the tip of pad turns blue, where after they are inserted in each vial containing a buffer solution.  This leaves you with two confirmation samples, including an A- and B-sample. The A-sample is analysed by the laboratory, while the B-sample is kept by the laboratory for up to six months. In case there is a dispute of the analysis, the B-sample can be re-analysed by the same laboratory or sent to another laboratory
  • Contains four tamperproof security seals with unique ID numbers. Two of the seals goes across the A- and B- sample jars, one seal is attached to the chain of custody document and the fourth seal is attached to the transport card board box.
  • Includes a tamperproof bag, where you place the A- and B-sample, before the bag is sealed with adhesive.
  • Includes a cardboard freight box where you place the tamperproof bag containing the A- and B-samples.
  • Includes a Chain of Custody Document to track the secure freight handling.

Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacturing
Storage temperature: Room temperature

Download APAC Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit Data Sheet

Download Quantisal Data Sheet

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