ABBOTT Alere SoTaxa Mobile Saliva Screening System

ABBOTT Alere SoToxa Mobile Saliva Screening System

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The ABBOTT Alere SoToxa Mobile Testing System is a handheld analyser that provides the optimal combination of speed, ease of use, reliability and accuracy. The analyser has been designed and developed to meet the high performance demands of police forces, drug treatment centres and workplaces.

The lightweight, portable system can be operated in a wide range of environments and can detect up to six drugs from a single oral fluid sample in a matter of minutes. Results can be printed or downloaded to a PC.

The SoToxa tests for:

  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamines
  • THC – Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates – Heroine
  • Benzodiazepines

Easy to use

  • Lightweight, portable system can conduct testing on battery power
  • 3.2-inch LCD colour screen
  • Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 test results

Fast results

  • Streamlined test process, minimal handling steps
  • Sample collection is less than 60 seconds on average
  • Results available within 5 minutes
  • Full colour screen is backlit for visibility in daylight and at night

Flexible data management

  • Print your test results
  • Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 test results
  • Alere Software Application Suite allows for results reporting and trending

Shelf life of sampler & cassette: 18 months from date of manufacturing

Storage: Room temperature

The SoToxa™ Mobile Test System is available with a six or seven panel test cartridge.

Drug Class Cutoff (ng/mL)
Amphetamine 50
Benzodiazepines 20
Cannabis (THC) 15
Cocaine 50
Methamphetamine 50
Opiates 50
Oxycodone 40

Download SoToxa Data Sheet

About APAC Diagnostic

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