Biosens 600

A selective trace detector for narcotics, explosives & drug testing of people.

Trace Detection of explosives and drugs

BIOSENS®600 detects traces of explosives and drugs from one sample quickly, with high sensitivity and low false alarm rate. A collection pad is used to take samples from luggages, packages, cargo, vehicles, clothing, hands etc. The collection pad can also be used for sampling and analysis of unknown substances and liquids.

Drug Testing of people

In addition to narcotics & explosives trace detection, BIOSENS®600 is used for drug screening of people. An oral collector is used to collect not only oral fluids but also mucus from the surface of the tongue, which allows for a longer window of detection compared to oral fluid alone.

Enhanced probability of detection

The possibility to combine trace detection & drug screening, may enhance the probability of detecting of drug smugglers, including swallowers and drug users; One sample is taken to collect trace or sweat while a second sample is used for detection of oral fluid and mucus.

One system with multiple applications

The BIOSENS®600 is unique by offering trace detection, substance identification, liquid identification and drug screening of people in one unit. Whether the need is for one or several applications, the operator can easily configure the menu to suit their needs.

Three different collection devices

The customer can choose from three different collection devices:

  • Collection pad to collect traces and sweat for one time usage.
  • Re-usable collection pad for trace detection, solid and liquid identification.
  • Oral collector used to collect oral fluids and mucus.

Non-intrusive and hygienic sample collection

Taking oral or sweat samples allows the user to observe collection, hence minimizing the risk of manipulation.

Positively Unique Biotechnology

Under the hood of BIOSENS®600, researchers from well known universities, as well as Biosensor’s own developers, have been able to combine disciplines from Organic & Surface Chemistry, Immunology and micro fluidics into a unique detection system – and yet considered user friendly.

The heart of BIOSENS®600 is a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) chip that allows for simultaneous detection of narcotics and explosives.

Low False Alarm Rate

By using an immunology based detection technology the BIOSENS®600 can offer low False Alarm Rates.